2016 Quill & Badge Award

Dear Mr, Kolb,

I am pleased to inform you that the March edition of VFW Magazine has been chosen for a 2016 Quill & Badge Award for Excellence in Communication. The cover alone with the bold title Veterans in Law Enforcement: A Force for Good alone is deserving of praise. Most importantly, with five well excellent articles dominating the magazine, your recognition of the commitment of veterans to further public service is most commendable. In addition to our appreciation of your own article, please express our deepest regards to the contributors of the other four articles; Stephanie Wilken, Janie Blankenship, Richard Fournier, and Jerome Greer Chandler.

Our members, many of whom are veterans themselves, will be equally appreciative of your efforts and recognition. We will also reach out to our own media sources to ensure that they are aware of your excellent work. Once again, my congratulations and appreciation for your work.

Sincerely yours,



VFW Magazine Receives 2016 Quill & Badge Award

The March 2016 edition of VFW Magazine featured five articles which explored the impact veterans have had on the law enforcement profession. The cover photo and title for the full magazine placed veterans serving as law enforcement officers front and center with the bold title, Veterans in Law Enforcement, A Force for Good. Just as importantly, five well-crafted articles featured in the magazine took note of and emphasized the commitment of veterans to further public service.

Publisher and Editor in Chief Richard Kolb’s article, War Vets Prominent Among Police Making the Ultimate Sacrifice touched deeply upon the sacrifices made all too often by law enforcement officers. It was followed by Veterans in American Law Enforcement Have Had Immense Impact by Richard Fournier, Veterans as Law Enforcers by Jerome Greer Chandler, Honoring Public Servants is a ‘Duty’ by Janie Blackenship, and Community Honors Police Officers by Stephanie A. Wilken.

Founded in 1995 with a single recipient, The Quill & Badge Awards have since gone to 56 individuals or organizations that have made a significant contribution to the law enforcement community through their commitment to excellence in communication. This annual award recognizes journalists and others who have written or produced information for the general public that provides an accurate picture of the men and women dedicated to careers in law enforcement.

The I.U.P.A. seeks submissions from throughout the country for each year’s awards. Judging is conducted by three former law enforcement officers and one person with professional journalism credentials. The criteria include clarity and accuracy, the ability to interest the public in the message, and the potential for affecting a positive change in public attitudes toward law enforcement.

We are pleased and honored to present VFW Magazine and these five talented journalists with I.U.P.A.’s 2016 Quill & Badge Award. Our members, many of whom are veterans themselves, will be equally appreciative of the VFW’s recognition of the service and sacrifices made by law enforcement officers.

The full magazine can be viewed at http://digitaledition.qwinc.com/publication/?i=289050&pre=1